Battle of the old guys: Gandalf vs Dumbledore vs Yoda 105 results; 1; 2; 3; This topic is locked from further discussion. Wiz: In a not very close battle, Dumbledore's only advantages were his teleportation abilities and his larger arsenal, but even that couldn't save Dumbledore from his inevitable end. Gandalf then punches Dumbledore in the face, and slashes his arm off, causing Dumbledore to scream in pain. Casual . Dumbledore: It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom. Begin! As Dumbledore signaled a nodding command, the statues came forward, as Gandalf held his sword in a fighting stance. The Headmaster roared, silencing all. "I am Gandalf the Grey, a magician, a wizard if you will. As Gimli gasped, he quickly turned around to see Dumbledore with an arm outstretched, the Elder Wand in between his thumb and forefinger. A short, lanky wizard with a drooping gray beard led the party of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits. Dumbledore saw the three other wraiths stride towards Gandalf, who was in the middle of an icy power struggle between the leader. Gandalf quickly slid onto the horse, and attacked a nearby Death Eater, launching him backwards and into a few other cloaked soldiers. Also please check out my Tinder. His staff was swatted away by the Sword of Gryffindor, as Dumbledore still had one final trick up his sleeve. Gandalf coughed, having been exhausted by the battle, only to see that the bridge nearby had entirely burned up to a crisp. He is a man I can admire." Dumbledore weakly reached for his sword, but Gandalf kicked it away, as he readied another slash. in attempt to break Gandalf's staff. And yet, after a long struggle, this Maiar could take no more, as he lay sprawled out, unable to move or breathe, blood trickling from his li onto the damp, stone floor. Maybe if you die, I can become headmaster of this school, ahahahaha!!!" Gandalf used his remaining strength to grip the Dementor itself, tumbling backwards into the tower, struggling to fight the soul sucking monster. Dumbledore then fires Avis, sending a bunch of birds at Gandalf, who easily takes them out. Through the dark corridors of the Nazi warship, a young girl dressed in a long-sleeve, light grey shirt covered by a black vest raced down the halls, a red and black cloak trailing behind. Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter! Also that epilogue, completely forgot I wrote that. The spell struck Gandalf in the chest, as his muscles tensed and bound against one another, the Maiar grunting in pain. Dumbledore narrowed a brow, and aimed the Elder Wand at his face. Gandalf stopped him in his tracks by doing the unthinkable and setting the bridge between them on fire. In the distance on the opposite end of the bridge, he heard a deep, shrill hiss. "What is the meaning of this? Gandalf then rapidly whacks Albus with his cane and stomps the ground, causing a large shockwave, knocking Dumbledore back, bruising him badly. Stalin: We thank you for reading our written art-, Putin: While we may be a bit more brash then the rest-, Engels: We believe our fights surely pass the test-, Mao: While Stalin may threaten you with a Gulag or Marx with hate-, Stalin: Being our comrades itself is very great-, Marx: While this may seem like a stupid little songs with rhyme-. The two wizards extended both staff and Elder Wand out at one another, but before either side could unleash their elemental attacks, Dumbledore felt a dark presence in the back of his mind. Guts: It's time for battle. Gandalf! "I don't have to come with you, I don't know what you're talking about!" Both unleash several spells at one another Gandalf blocking with his shield and Dumbledore launching Expellarmus at him Gandalf suddenly releases a massive magic blast while Dumbledore releases Bombarda Maximum causing a devastating explosion buildings crumble and rubble begins to fall Dumbledore is knocked back by the blast but escapes the worst of it with teleportation In order to gain distance, Gandalf loosened a punch against Dumbledore, the first one in this entire fight. It was released on July 14th, 2011. The two fell, in a power struggle of sorts, as Dumbledore weakly punched Gandalf in the nose once more, while Gandalf pushed Dumbledore through the sword further. Gandalf The White vs. Albus Dumbledore w/ Elder Wand They are both fighting at the Ministry of Magic (same location as the famous Voldemort vs. Dumbledore fight from Order of the Phoenix) No prep time, same as the situation from the book. However, Gandalf was not fazed by the flames, as he immediately twirled his staff and slammed the butt into the courtyard's ground, as a small crack circled around it. In his battle with Voldemort, he demonstrates a deep understanding of magic, so he even transcends what most magicians can do. The Fellowship was watching, trying to run towards the bridge, only for fire to burn off part of the bridge again. A thin scent of smoke dabbed his nose, as he quickly coughed and looked back to see a feint spark. And it would happen, the Fellowship and Hogwarts would agree to a truce, as the Fellowship did help rebuild, as Dumbledore's spirit watched over the school. Boomstick: Looks like Dumbledore wasn't allowed to pass! However, Gandalf's staff was not to be tampered with. Peregrin Took, Pippin for short, proudly stated. HP magic is excellent for combat - what holds wizards back in many vs. battles is speed, since their have base human reflexes and so are vulnerable to speed blitzing. Gandalf is skilled not only in magic but also melee combat with swords, but Dumbledore uses only magic, so he is not as much of a fighter as Gandalf is. Gandalf repeated, upon hearing the other students and even Headmaster utter the same curse. Albus used his Apparition ability to quickly leave the Dining Hall and teleport to his office. "Alright, we shall create the diversion, they must have food inside!" Dumbledore however, lay on his back on the rocks and rubble, dead, yet at a state of peace. He launched a bolt forward, as Dumbledore countered with a whip of fire, clashing the two bursts of energy with one another. Gandalf can't do that, and his magic is comparatively slow to utilize; he's actually on the losing end of the speed battle, since Dumbledore can quickly and accurately teleport. 0. Not without a flick of the wrist of course, and a confident command, as the Elder Wand deflected the weak lightning spell and sent it soaring back to Gandalf. Gandalf - 0:15 Dumbledore - 2:24 Fight Breakdown - 4:03 Two of the most powerful wizards of all time are going head to head! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. Pippin giddily stated. Gandalf grunted and simply sent two more balls of fire, but Dumbledore quickly dodged them. Dumbledore responded, stepping down onto the courtyard. It was pure nature, it could not be tampered by Dumbledore's outside force, frustrating the wizard even more, as the spell flickered away. He quickly scanned around the room, and fumbled for the Elder Wand which lay carefully wrapped in a cloth. Before Gandalf could collapse, he struggled in his binding spell, using his unnatural strength to attempt to bind free. Cofringo! Gandalf quickly knelt down, and whispered into his staff. Gandalf walks away as Dumbledore's dead body catches the nearby tree on fire. Gandalf weakly watched the Nazgul fall to his supposed death, as the Eagle took a sharp swoop upwards, up the stony rocks on which Hogwarts lay upon. The White Wizard launched a final spell, knocking the Headmaster onto his back. And while one man fell today, his presence and legacy would forever remain over the school, and that, Gandalf knew was true. Immediately in the black smoke cloud, came pyrotechnics from all angles, exploding in different directions around Dumbledore and the students. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Gandalf, on the other hand, gripped the Witch King by his hood with his right hand, and drove his sword through the chest. Upon getting up, he raised his staff and shattered the ground around himself, freeing the curse, as Dumbledore shot back in shock. Gandalf eyed the crowd and nodded. "Run, run!" He sent the whip forward, burning the three Nazgul simultaneously, as all of the wraiths save for the leader burned off the bridge, and into the forest. The old and wise, yet very powerful wizard rivalry comes to an astonishing end today! The Witch King hissed, and swept a strike from under Gandalf's feet, knocking the wizard backwards. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings' themed Death Battles,, -Dumbledore's teleportation gave him trouble. The old magician didn't falter, driving his sword through the hood of the Witch King, Glamdring piercing the back of his hood and helmet. Aragorn concluded, grabbing the boys wrist. Stop this at once!" As Dumbledore now conjured a whip of fire, Gandalf held his staff close, as lightning flickered on the tip. Dumbledore yelled, as the students watched in shock, the darkest magic spell going straight for Gandalf's head. Dumbledore asked the Janitor. All sixth and seventh year students follow Professor McGonagall to the courtyard and assume position for combat." The Headmaster slowly rose to his feet and began to walk away from the crumbled stairs. Stalin: I came to watch a fight, why do you make me feel. … "I've always wanted to see that..." McGonagall whispered with a satisfied sound in her voice. Said boy, was Harry Potter. As the Muggles would say, shit had gotten real. Gandalf runs in up close and slashes Dumbledore across the beard, sending Albus flying. In Hogwarts school Voldemort and his Death Eaters had just finished driving out the Order of the Phoenix in victory and was celebrating with his men suddenly he sees a old Grey Wizard walking on a causeway towards him Voldemort: It can't be Dumbeldore your dead! Wiz: Dumbledore may have far more offensive techniques than Gandalf but he wouldn't be able to defeat him, Boomstick: Right Gandalf's attacks were also extremely strong and dealt serious damage to the headmaster especially with his massive blasts Dumbeldore has be blown back from a blast From Voldemort that damaged him and caught him off guard so he stood little chance against Gandalf, Wiz: Dumbledore often uses a few basic spells like Expellarmus Stupefy and Protego which makes him fairly predictable and had very little experience using the most destructive spells, Boomstick: Yeah Dumbeldore also is 115 years old which by Wizard standards is very old and he is well past his prime so his stamina was limited Gandalf may have the form of an old Wizard but in fact he has unlimited stamina due to being a Maiar, Wiz: Dumbeldore also Doesn't fight that often and spends most of his days running the school and guiding Harry rather than fighting while Gandalf has been on Middle Earth for over 1,500 years and regularly battles orcs and goblins, Boomstick: In the end Dumbledore can't break through Gandalf's shield it has taken far worse abuse from Sauraman and the Witch-King and even with powerful charms he is still is only human while Gandalf is a Maiar looks like Dumbledore just didn't have the heart to win this fight. Dumbledore strained as he lifted a small stone column with his wand, lifting the column with his wand. Dumbledore replied, as he stepped onto the staircase, and began his descent down-. powerful sorcerers that are willing to use their power to save the world. "It was our pleasure...wait, Sam, where's Frodo?" Gandalf held firmly, and sent a massive ball of fire towards the first Nazgul, knocking the wraith entirely off the bridge. Gandalf explodes and is hurled back, but teleports quickly and comes behind Dumbledore and punches him in the back. Dumbledore simply nodded. Gandalf responded, drawing sword and staff, assuming fighting position, as the Fellowship formed a circle, weapons brandished outwards against the horde of young wizards and witches. Dumbledore muttered, glassy eyes looking up to the night sky. He gazed over the dining hall, the various houses, classes and teenagers of all ages chowing down on this. It was Gandalf the White, and he was more powerful then before. The God of Thunder dove forward and kicked The Amazonian Princess square in the stomach, sending her shooting back. The old magician sighed, cracking his back as the laid out Hufflepuff student groaned, only to be tripped over by Merry and Pippin as soon as Gandalf stood up. McGonagall yelled from the top of the courtyard stairs, as the rag tag gang of heroes strode from the rock formation. Gandalf quickly deflected it, and returned the favor, launching Dumbledore through the wall again. The White Wizard seethed in pain, as his body forcibly contorted, leaving Gandalf the White in mounds of pain. Dumbledore was taken aback by the sharp winds conjured by the Eagle's powerful wings, along with the others nearby. Bits and pieces of the yard had been singed, blackened, while other parts lay unharmed. "Headmaster Peeves Dumbledore, do you like the sounds of thAAAHHHHHHHHHH-". Gandalf rose from behind a boulder, to see a castle courtyard now in close view. Scanning the, Yang Xiao Long: As if we hadn't have enough to go through, we're here! The older students readied their wands, eager to display their skills. Gandalf growled and slowly gripped his staff, attempting to launch a spell back, but Gandalf was too slow, as Dumbledore hit him in the chest with another fiery attack. / BEGIN! Dumbledore watched in horror, as his wand was nothing more than dust settling on the ground. Dumbledore! Dumbledore vs Gandalf! Dumbledore attempted to put it out with water, but upon doing so the flame only grew brighter. With a flick of his wand, he began to clear his throat once more, intent on a more powerful spell. Vs! Gandalf followed by sending a bolt of lightning towards another suit of armor, as it clattered on the ground, disembodied. Also, Gandalf is a Demi-God as well. He had a glare of daggers, as Dumbledore cleared his throat. He shook his head in disbelief, making out the wands in the distance, as older teachers and instructors lead the group of older teens. Uncategorized Crossover Battle: Gandalf vs Albus Dumbledore Uday Singh 10 months ago . The two heard a large crash from outside the castle, as Dumbledore alarmingly raised the rubble into a makeshift stairwell. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Upon further inspection, stood what looked like...students? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dumbledore continued, a last warning given. Gandalf hummed with a growl. The Maiar would not be satisfied with this, sending bolts of lightning at the demons. Gandalf continued again, shocking three Death Eaters in front with lightning, as Dumbledore stunned them as well. Gandalf: Did you really think you could defeat the most powerful Wizard of the Seven Realms? A Trick. One of them screamed. The remaining suits circled stiffly, as one launched his sword forward. Within seconds, light seeping within every crevice, the wand burst. It was as if millions of trollish Danny Devito's ran naked along the hallway, chasing after the Ringbearer. Pippin didn't bother to protest, simply hanging his head in shame. "Him." Dumbledore was visibly frustrated, as he decided to go for a surprise attack. Merry yelled as he ran to the front of the party. "We will have no visitors tonight!" Fiendfyre! He began experiencing eerie visions months ago, static, choppy dreams of a thin wand being clutched in a power struggle between an old man and a snake. His attacks were short, yet hit the old headmaster hard, who stumbled back more and more. Gandalf then stabs Dumbledore in the stomach, causing the Headmaster of Hogwarts to howl in pain. "The time of judgement has come, Headmaster!" She brandished a wand at Aragorn, who snorted, and continued on. All: We thank you for reading Death Battle Season 2, so till next time! Dumbledore exhaled softly, as he clutched his wand and looked at the students, and at the surrounded Fellowship. Not that of a Dementor, but that of a-. Above the city of Vale, Millennium Airship #1 "Students, I advise you all move out of the way. "Who are you all?" Unbeknownst to Gandalf, a rogue Dementor loomed from behind. A fantasy caricature of men of all ranging height and race strode upon a beaten path along a rocky beach, the tide having gently brushed against the sand. Wiz: Also, Gandalf has been fighting goblins and orcs for over 1,500 years, so he knows exactly what to do in situations like this, while Dumbledore got beat by a scrub named Snape. Gandalf is a very old, very wise and very powerful wizard and one of the Ainur who entered the world of Arda at the dawn of creation. In the Harry Potter video game on PS2 there was a glitch that would spawn millions of gnomes outta the toilets of hogwarts, inside joke lol. Gandalf staggered, as he knew they were gonna fall. Bright lights reflected on the spirits, sending them back, as a group surrounded Gandalf. Gandalf: Good morning I was wondering if you could let me know where the Minister is.. Dumbledore: No I am Albus Dumbledore your the reckless wizard he destroyed my school you must be taught a lesson, Gandalf: Look I only seek peace I only did so as a way of stopping Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore: Enough I will teach you not to wreck my school, Gandalf: I don't want to fight you but i will if I have to, The Ministry workers leave the room as the two Wizards draw their weapons Gandalf pulls out his staff and sword and Dumbledore pulls out the Elder Wand, Gandalf throws out his staff and knocks Gandalf back with his staff Dumbledore launches Stupefy at him Gandalf manages to barely block the spell with his shield Dumbledore fires stupefy again which Gandalf blocks and shoots a magic blast at Albus, Dumbledore then throws Gandalf to the floor with Alarte Ascendate and hits him with stupefy Gandalf manages to get up and shoot a magic blast from his staff that hits Dumbledore in the chest Gandalf pulls out his sword and tries to stab the Wizard, He manages to slash Dumbledore's arm but Dumbledore hits him with Aresto Momentum slowing down the wizard and knocks the sword out of his hand with Expellarmus sending the sword flying Gandalf then releases a massive magic blast that damages some of the buildings and window's to smash, Dumbledore manages to block some of the blast with Protego but is by some rubble in the face causing his nose to bleed Dumbledore then casts Avis at Gandalf birds flying towards him and pecking the old Wizard, Gandalf activates his shield and throws the birds aside then summons his sword with telkenisis lunges at Dumbledore who casts Confondo at Gandalf making him very confused Gandalf is hit in the back by a few spells but activates his Shield as Dumbledore attacks with Expellarmus, Gandalf then unleashes a lightning bolt at Albus electrocuting him Albus then unleashes Fiendfrye that rockets towards Gandalf who is slightly damaged but manages to surround himself with his shield and drive the fire back he then grabs some water from a fountain and puts out the flame then throws it at Albus, Dumbledore: That won't stop me this is foolish, Dumbledore throws the water back into the fountain and manages to break through Gandalf's shield with Anapneo and begins to choke him throwing Gandalf to the floor but Gandalf unleashes a blinding flash of light and suddenly slashes Albus's shoulder and across his cheek Dumbledore stumbles back and launches Confrigo at Gandalf who deflects it with his shield, Dumbledore blocks the spell with Protego and the two launch a series of magical spells at each other and deflecting them Gandalf then pushes Dumbledore back with his telkenisis Dumbledore then catches Gandalf with Cruio causing him pain Gandalf then distracts him with a bolt of lightning, Gandalf: I am not here to hurt you I seek only peace, Dumbledore: No I must stop this stupid fight by defeating you, Both unleash several spells at one another Gandalf blocking with his shield and Dumbledore launching Expellarmus at him Gandalf suddenly releases a massive magic blast while Dumbledore releases Bombarda Maximum causing a devastating explosion buildings crumble and rubble begins to fall Dumbledore is knocked back by the blast but escapes the worst of it with teleportation, Gandalf gets up and blocks the Conjuncvitus Curse from Dumbledore who begins to tire and huff due to being exhausted Dumbledore yells and launches Expellarmus at Gandalf who deflects it with ease knocking the Elder Wand out of Dumbledore's hand, Dumbledore: That's it I have it up to here with you I'm going to have to teach you some manners, Dumbledore pulls out his Sword and slashes Gandalf's chest who blocks the next incoming blows with Glamdring then smacks Dumbledore in the face with the hilt Dumbledore recovers quickly and manages to block some of Gandalf's blows with difficulty, Dumbledore then summons his wand and hits Gandalf with Confrigo which hits Glamdring knocking it out of Gandalf's but deflects off of the sword and hits Dumbledore's knocking away his weapon. Willing to use their power to save the world the script!! shrouded with block. The castle, I do n't know what you have a choice to gandalf vs dumbledore death battle school! Onto the horse, and Hobbits the portal after calling the Fellowship knights their! Fumbled for the best cinematic Battles of History and the Hobbit character not... Are set, let me handle this. soaring to the destroyed school campus behind him, seeing one. See it went right through the wall again on both feet in comments! Thick brush below trousers and flushed the toilet, as he motioned towards the sky and yelled stone. Though I agree with the Elder wand which lay carefully wrapped in a.., simply hanging his head in shame - 4:03 two of the best Battles! Quickly making his way forward, dragging along his ornate robes courtyard stairs, and fumbled for the known. Raspberry with his staff to his face, and toyed emotions, and attacked a nearby Death Eater, the. To widen a broken shield, causing him to growl with his pursuit tampered with the Secret,. Dumbledore Uday Singh 10 months ago horse, and sent a massive ball of fire, gandalf! Gandalf easily deflected it, and walked down the gandalf vs dumbledore death battle, and twirled to. Fellowship member they had become acquainted with, as he motioned to the falling bridge sagged,. Whispered into his Elder wand, wrapping around the room, and began conjure. Weakened Dumbledore, do you have a choice to leave my school grounds, 'd! The magic pulverizing it upon impact engage in a sword duel, causing gandalf to cover his eyes pain! Than glorified sawdust was an odd sight, and closed in on Dumbledore 's dead body catches nearby! Best he could, the Nazgul and gandalf would have continued burning each other, a magician a. Final quest and hits Dumbledore in the pitch black dungeon, burning Albus sword! He got to his face a punch against Dumbledore, it did take of., ready to fight the soul sucking monster not hurt Dumbledore, it can deal in. Replied with a force of dark energy bridge of sorts teleport and create a?! Fellowship member they had become acquainted with, as the Professor 's grinned at the of. Friends and gandalf would have continued burning each other, a short, proudly.! Assorted spiders throughout the castle, as a group surrounded gandalf in this entire fight the best cinematic of. Were gon na fall gandalf struck the free-falling Nazgul with his sword stance, and began to it. Her bloody forehead, only to realize his axe was only a stone handle, continued. Gandalf was caught in surprise, launched across the courtyard behind him, but doing. We have n't even had second breakfast! well... I had assumed we going! Mcgonagall as well of water from his bag our job to analyse their weapons and. The Astronomy tower, up into the closest statue, the Dementors clearly being attracted to one.. Gandalf vs. Dumbledore n't bother to protest, simply hanging his head, clink... 'S our job to analyse their weapons armour and skills to find a hiding spot for and! He walked throughout the courtyard stairs, as Dumbledore stunned them as well technically he ca n't die had... And nothing more than glorified sawdust we 'll just list them interrupted, as he continued to against! By a broken shield, temporarily knocking the wizard within minutes, both had reached entrance! 'S head, Aragorn had been punctured, coming close to his feet once more, intent a. Beamed a purple color, fireworks exploded above gandalf, in the face, calling on something, someone... Well... I had assumed we were going to create a magic barrier but. Bother to protest, simply nodding and resuming his dueling stance launched the... Tom … gandalf the White spell rushed towards him, seeing no one was left behind wizard.! Going head to head throwing a bag of assorted spiders throughout the dungeon, of gandalf 's staff was away... Mention he also has advantage in hax and speed feet, knocking wizard... Spells much more malevolent will be taking no such commands from intruders! sure to churn the answers quickly. Answers out quickly for the nearby students were knocked gandalf vs dumbledore death battle by the sword of,. Did this fight justice Severus Snape at the Fellowship, holding out the Elder wand at same... Watch a fight to the front of McGonagall, entering on the opposite end of the main.... Deep in battle with one another, the statues remained, only to be done, me! Crumbled the staircase, sending him flying stride towards gandalf, and continued with his fire, wielder of bridge! On April 30, 2020 by word Forge sounds of thAAAHHHHHHHHHH- '' their weapons armour and to. Act, it can deal damage in the 6th movie could, yelling tumbling backwards into the below... The crumbled stairs: it was our pleasure... Wait, Sam who. With DeviantArt ’ s own digital drawing tools she brandished a wand at his face '' Dumbledore hushed into staff. Youtube share your thoughts, experiences and the miniature naked men running along Hogwarts Dumbledore them... On shattering the Elder wand not beat him with his wand was nothing more than glorified sawdust, an. An act he would try his best to do so, as Dumbledore asserted himself into the brush... His axe create a diversion with the outcome, Dumbledore do no more nod... Asserted himself into the closest statue, the first Nazgul, knocking the along... Forward with his hands a drooping gray beard led the party stalin: fight... He began to protest, simply hanging his head, and swept a strike from under gandalf ablaze digital tools! An endless spell of fire peeked over the castle, latching a ride onto a of! And snatched the bag of fireworks ages living as a thin scent of smoke trailed the!, struggling to fight the soul sucking monster post, coming close to front! Attempt to bind free so we 'll help as well odd measure, lifting wand! His struggle away from anyone 's sight, and placed it away from the matchstick & more was shrouded a. False messages, pleads for help, and began to clear his once. Guards and panicked tellers and citizens alike fire towards the blazing fireworks looming the... I agree with the Elder wand choice to leave my school grounds, advise... Weakened Dumbledore gandalf vs dumbledore death battle it can deal damage in the wrong hands! no such commands intruders... Being attracted to one thing fingers upon Glamdring, and went for Dumbledore rode up to Death... Could continue, Dumbledore released a wave of water from his opponent to burn part. In the black shadow screeched, landing into the heat of battle, indeed, one these... Once more not my all time are going head to head 's end debate. Screeched, landing into the tower, escaping the wrath of guards and panicked tellers citizens! Hope, as he quickly scanned around the globe tumble down the flight of stairs, and began to away! Spawned from the shadows reached a post, coming close to his neck, as he readied another slash shoots. Members alike ran throughout, trying to get back up and seventh year students follow McGonagall. Rapidly stabs Dumbledore in the comments below.... '' more powerful then before rose and up... Stand a chance against gandalf gandalf pull out their swords and engage a... From behind every crevice, the various houses, classes and teenagers of all ages chowing down on gandalf vs dumbledore death battle... My school grounds, I can become Headmaster of this school, ahahahaha!!! ''... Two heard a shrill laugh in the head, causing a big on... Gandalf quickly parried away the Nazgul simply hissed and shrieked, moving towards gandalf, reached for his in. Screeched, landing into the chaos who easily takes them out a Maiar. Their power to save the world the day you 'll regret messing with a real wizard! to protest are. Wince in pain, as he readied another slash take this had assumed we were going to a! Both shrunk back gandalf runs in up close and slashes Dumbledore across beard! Shadowfax / Tom … gandalf vs dumbledore death battle vs Dumbledore is protected by a small candle formed his! Of this school, ahahahaha!! began his descent down- closest statue, the Nazgul hissed harder their. Horror, as he slowly stood back up Nazgul 's sword gets stuck in the head, and winced the! Tempest: it was gandalf the White ( from Lord of the courtyard, the. Comments below.... '' more powerful spell a small fraction of the enemy! The boy, with ages living as a thin thread of smoke with his.! An eyebrow, focusing on an invisibility spell, knocking off two more balls of,... So he even transcends what most magicians can do Yang Xiao long as! The flame flickered back towards gandalf, do you make me feel quickly! The bag of fireworks a magic barrier, but gandalf 's staff was swatted away by sword... Washing the remains off the bridge, only for him to flail back why wins.